Welcome to “What’s Law Got To Do With It”

Welcome to “What’s Law Got To Do With It,” another way for us to keep our clients and friends up to date on news and trends important to them.  For over 25 years, Goodell, DeVries, LLP has been on the cutting edge of every aspect of litigation in nearly every area of the country.   Our blog is our effort to provide another way for us to communicate with you and share what we’ve learned over the years representing our clients successfully all over the United States.

In our blog, we address matters of interest to our clients on a variety of topics, ranging from the esoteric to the practical, from universal to intensely local, from cutting-edge to timeless.  Our professional liability defense team is second to none, having defended professionals in nearly every field—from hospitals to nursing homes, doctors and psychologists, lawyers, accountants and financial planners.   In our blog, our professional liability team members offer tips on a variety of ways to minimize or even negate professional claims before they lead to litigation.

In addition, our construction law practitioners offer tips on structuring contracts to help construction and design professionals avoid or minimize misunderstandings as well as methods to advance our client interests if these occur.  We also offer suggestions on security and privacy issues, insurance coverage, methods to challenge inflated damages, and recommendations on how to successfully use or challenge expert witnesses.

We will focus on practical issues of concern to our clients and colleagues.  We welcome your comments and input to advance the discussion.


This Website Does Not Provide Legal Advice or Create an Attorney-Client Relationship: This website is a forum for public communications on noteworthy legal topics.  It is not intended to provide legal advice, to facilitate confidential client communications or to create an attorney-client relationship.  Please do not provide any confidential information to Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP before we have had an opportunity to check for conflicts of interests or before we have agreed to represent you.

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